About Us

IBT engaged with Microbiologists, Chemical and Civil Engineers with 10 years of experienced in the Bio-methanization technology. IBT has well experienced men and material for installation and operations, of renewable energy projects.

Some Interesting Facts


IBT Completed 2 STPs with a capacity of 1 MLD and 1.4 MLD for A.P Housing Board, Hyderabad and transfer the Technology to the APHP for establishing of 4 number of Bio-STP projects in Andhra Pradesh.


IBT transferred the Technology to the entrepreneurs for establishing of 8 number of Bio-based power projects with a capacity of 10kw in Andhra Pradesh.


IBT completed 1700KGs Bio-CNG plant based on 5000cum of Bio-Gas from press mud and agriculture waste at Mydukur, Kadapa District in A.P


IBT completed 2400 kgs of Bio-CNG plant based on 6000cum of Bio-Gas from poultry litter at Rajahamandry, East Godavari District, A.P in the year 2018

Our expertise in waste management extends to the following:

(BIO-CNG is the purified form of biogas from which all the unwanted gases are removed to get more than 93 per cent of pure methane gas. In its composition and energy potential it is exactly similar to the commercially available natural gas.)