IBT is the only company in India designed a multipurpose reactor i.e (MEBR) Multi Domes Multi Chambers Multi Inlets and outlets expandable Bio-gas Reactor to treat the Bio-degradable waste, sewage water and biological waste water.

S.No Equipment / Machinery IBT Technology Advantages
1 Raw material carrying vehicle Designed new equipment for sucking of raw material from ground to vehicle To reduce the loading labor cost.
2 Shredder We designed a shredder with outlet particle size of below 2mm To reduce the HRT Time
3 Pressure pump with mixing mechanism To pump the input Slurry from Pre-Digester to Main Digester with 15Bar pressure. To reduce the chocking problem and reduce the power consumption
4 Digester (Civil) First time the world IBT designed MEBR type digester (Multi Domes Multi Chambers Multi inlets and outlets expandable Bio-Gas reactor) To increase the SRT from 52% to 75%.
5 Multi Chambers We introduced a unique designee of Digester construction with Multi Chambers for increase the surface area to avoid the Baffles. To enhance the surface area of the digester from 50% to 90% for enhance the gas production.
6 Dome System FRP type Multi Domes. Easier to fix with digester. To reduce the 100% maintenance cost and no need to pressure relief valves.
7 Scrubber To effective remove the H2S and C02 from Bio-gas and purity of output Bio- Gas up to 98% Outlet Bio-Gas can be compressed as CNG and used as a cooking purpose and fuel for vehicles.
8 Decanter To separate liquid and solids from outlet slurry. Outlet manure contains only 25% of moisture.
9 Advantages of the Design Any type of bio- degradable waste can be use as raw material i.e Animal dung, Food and vegetable waster and Napier gross etc. Can be run the unit with local available raw materials.